Fuel Dock Info

Half Moon Bay Marina has a dedicated self service fuel jetty with both Diesel & Unleaded 91 petrol available to the boating public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The recently upgraded floating fuel jetty is located on the inside breakwater port side as you enter the marina. Just look for the orange windsock as you approach the marina.  All pumps have a high flow option available.  Pump 3 is a dedicated high flow pump with a larger nozzle and not suited to smaller boat filler pipes, tanks and tank vents.

Click here for a detailed marina map showing the fuel jetty location.

Click here for a fuel jetty layout plan showing the locations of the pumps & contact information.

Instructions are clearly posted on the fuel dock including payment instructions on the terminal which accepts EFTPOS or credit cards with 4 digit pin. The fuel dock is operated by Allied Petroleum and for those interested in obtaining an Allied Petroleum Fuel Card which provides a range of benefits including fuel discounts, you can download a Credit Application form here.

For your safety during refueling operations please read and follow all posted instructions

  • No smoking permitted on the fuel jetty
  • Tie your boat up securely and turn the engine/s off
  • Turn off all cellphones and other electronic devices
  • Turn out gas pilot lights
  • Fill portable containers on the ground
  • Never allow children to operate the pumps
  • Do not leave the pump unattended while refueling
  • Operate bilge blowers (if fitted) before starting engine/s
Help us protect the environment by maintaining close supervision of all refueling operations and reporting all fuel spillages immediately.